At night is the best time to earth yourself and profit from a deeper restorative sleep for faster recovery and more vitality in the daytime. Every night your immune system gets a boost and your health improves dramatically.

Ideal as a start to ground yourself is a grounding fitted sheet which stays nicely in place and guarantees many contact points during the night. For more focus on the head, upper back and neck area you can add an extra earthing pillowcase (set prices available). The more direct touchpoints distributed throughout your body, the better earthing works for you.

A Recovery Bag is a folded sleeping sheet with a zipper and is used more often when traveling, in intensive recovery after an operation or trauma or by athletes who gain a competitive advantage by it. It can also be unfolded as 2 pers. flat sheet. In both cases, the size of your mattress doesn't matter and is therefore useful eg. on a hotelbed. But when you travel, you can also take a "Half Sheet" with you, a 90 by 330 cm strip including 2 tuck in ends. An earthing fitted sheet is recommended for daily use.

The larger earthing blankets give extra electrosmog protection in bed but are used more like an envelope for grounding during the day, for example on the couch in the event of a recovery, major effort or illness.

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