Set 2 Grounding Fitted Sheets 2 pers. (incl. cables and adapters)

2 Earthing fitted sheets 2 pers. (available in 3 sizes), earthing cable (5m), and adapter (grounding plug) are included!

Size 140-150cm (55”-60”)
Ideal for double mattresses from 140 to 150cm (55"-60") width and 200cm (80") length (± 10 cm or 4")
Size 160cm (63")
Ideal for double mattresses up to 160cm (63") width and 200cm (80") length (± 10 cm or 4")
Size 180-200cm (70"-80")
Ideal for double mattresses from 180 to 200cm (70"-80") width and 200cm (80") length (± 10 cm or 4")

The sheets have a very elastic and wide border (30cm / 1 ft)

These grounding fitted sheets have a natural cotton color with a very fine silver thread woven in the fabric (95% soft high quality biological cotton and 5% silver thread) and are connected with the earth by a conductive cable so your body is grounded during sleep. This is done using the supplied adapter that ensures the connection via a standard three-pin (earthed) socket. This is an ideal time to 'earth' yourself, while you sleep your body can recover best. As such, in a natural way, you can relieve symptoms and improve your body's self-healing abilities.

Earthing fitted sheets, compared to earthing sheets, stay nicely in place during your sleep and guarantee as such optimal earthing benefits for your body.

Note: The sheets don't consume nor even touch electricity. They are only safely connected to the grounding of your home by the plug (adapter). For extra peace of mind the included cable has an 100 Ohm resistor built in. 

Alternatively, for highly sensitive people or while travelling, an earthing rod can be used (also available) which very simply connects the earthing sheet to the ground by a fine 12-meter cable, also with the 100 Ohm resistor built in for extra security.